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The Ezy Fill Bulk Filler

Ezy Fill is fast becoming the Precision farming partner for

Ezy Fill is the most versatile machine to enter the market in recent times. 

 It can auto-fill any Make or Model of mounted Spreader to give the user a precision bulk spreading system saving time and money on any farm. With a capacity increase of up to 8 ton it makes Fertilizer spreading a fast more efficient process.

Ezy Fill increases seed drilling capacity up to 8 tons giving a user large drilling capacity in 1 fill, saving on labour, in field machinery requirements and energy costs.

Ezy Fill can also place Fertilizer in conjunction with a Strip Tillage unit. Metered Fertilizer can be placed with a capacity of up to 8 Ton in 1 fill. With Strip Tillage usage set to increase globally in the next few years coupled with precision placement of Fertilizer offers farmers a system for increased yield output and savings on Fertilizer inputs.


Download Ezy Fill Brochure


EzyFill Brochure